St. John 8:12 
LIGHT OF LIFE CHURCH, extended from KATHY BROWN MINISTRIES of 30 years. The vision given by God,
our continue work in ministry is biblical teaching deeper and to grow mature in the word of God, includes the
music ministry. We, are believer by faith of the great gospel, passionate about experiencing the presence of GOD
communing in prayer with God and engaging in the calling of God the mission of God to whosoever that believe 
shall be saved. St. John 3:16, St. Matthew 28:18-20, Colossians 1:5, Ephesians 5:23
LIGHT OF LIFE CHURCH, a Full Gospel Assembly Word Church in the Body Of Christ.  Kathy Brown Sr. Pastor,
Int'l Gospel Artist/Songwriter/Gospel Production/One Of Ohio leading Gospel Artist and one of gospel(major) finest
has already receiving over 15 awards in her music include 2 times dove nominee, Gospel Elite"Honor"award
outstanding letters and certificate and awards in the pastor-pastoral work. Anointed woman of GOD, a general in the
Body Of Christ, love the precious saints, people's of GOD.  Dr. Kathy Brown,Pastor, husband,ministry team and
staff love you and stand helping you grow in the biblical truth and your ministry. Eph. 4:3-14  Acts 1:4-11,
Acts 2:1-4, 23-39
Dr. Kathy and the Ministry Team, minister biblical teachings, inspiration sermons with substance and life. Have love
for people, acts 2:1-4, 25-39. She embrace and respect the biblical interpretation within the mainline of the gospel:
experience and demonstrated ability to teach, communicate and equip the church with the word of GOD, by view of
scriptures and grace a respectful style of ministry in our church; Dr. Kathy and the Ministry Team will help with handed
approach to social issues such as, the racism(if any)in view of ministry for deliverance in this area of their life(in the
church community) and minorities, abortion, poverty and gender and substance abuse, IJohn 4:4,  Ps. 33:1-12
We, believe the bible(all 66 books old and new testament) as originally given the inspired and authoritative(biblical truth)
written word of GOD and we accept is the only infallible rule of faith and practice.  We believe the bible was written by
the men of god as they were moved and guided by the Holy Spirit.  We, also believe the Holy Spirit of God is the
true author of the entire bible. 
PRAISE TEAM, anionted leads the congregation by the HOLY SPIRIT guidance, in praise and worship.  We, enjoy
biblicial non-denominational, christian assembly, word churches, First Assembly Of God and denomination churches in
the Body Of Christ for our sincere fellowship, by leading of the HOLY SPIRIT.  Dr. Kathy Brown, believe the Body Of Christ
isn't a label. We enjoy worship that includes a contemporary congregation and with some traditional congregation to
includes a wide range of believers from christ seekers for salvation to those seeking a church home with love and help
to grow a mature christian.  If you have a prayer request, click on the homepage and leave your request, we love to pray
for you that God can change your life with a new beginning for VICTORY! Amen.